What is Israeli Centrism?

Israeli Centrism (IC) is an outlet for like-minded individuals who strive to provide a balanced, moderate narrative on the events taking place in Israel and throughout the Middle East. Here at IC, we encourage critical thinking, rationality, and evidence-based analysis in a region that is plagued by viscous polarization, demagoguery, journalistic bias and emotional pandering.

It's important not to confuse "Israeli Centrism" with being "Israeli-centric." We attempt to provide our readers with an objective understanding of the region's most important topics - even if it means stepping out of our own comfort zone.

Inevitably, some of the opinions you find on this site will exhibit a touch of "left" or "right" flavor. However, our experience has taught us that in the overwhelming majority of instances, the truth quite often falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. All of us at IC are strong advocates of the notion that "all good things come in moderation."

Is IC associated with any specific Israeli political organization?

No. This site is independently run and operated, and the views and opinions expressed on this site are exclusively our own, unless otherwise specified.

How can I contribute my own work to Israeli Centrism?

If you are interested in contributing an editorial, opinion, or analysis piece to IC, please visit our submissions page for additional details on how to get your work published on our website.

Are you paid for the work you produce for this website?

Absolutely not. IC is a non-profit website comprised of an all-volunteer staff. However, individuals who would like to make a financial contribution to our site are free to do so via our IC PayPal account.

All donations we receive are used strictly for the purposes of marketing, public relations outreach and website development.

Where was the background picture on your site taken?

The background photo on our website is a beautiful aerial view of the Tel Aviv skyline.